Our Story

The Cuna “cradle” was created by two Egg Heads that wanted a better stand for their Big Green Egg.  Having used the nest and multiple wooden tables the quest began.  We had several non-negotiable items that we would not compromise:

  • Storage space to put our other accessories: grates, plate setter, pizza stone, etc.  The ground and other random places had run its course after breaking several plate setters.
  • Large prep tables that would fit a pan without hanging over the edge.  The five-second rule doesn’t have to come into play anymore.  The tables are made of Stainless Steel so they do not absorb grease like the wooden tables and are very easy to clean.
  • An ashtray that is easily accessible and can handle hot ash when we forgot to clean everything out before we lit the fire.
  • A sturdy frame with larger wheels so we can move across uneven terrain
  • Although we believe this will be the last time you have to put your egg in a stand, we made one that is extremely easy.  The base is completely assembled when you receive it.  There are a few very easy steps: screw in wheels, insert the back stabilizing bar, place your Green Egg on the base, slide in your front stabilizing bar (not bars) and secure with 4 bolts. The shelves slide in (not over) the round tubing and lock in with a pin. You then slide in the ashtray, place your storage grate and you are ready to grill.

What is Smōken Products?

Smoken Products is a company focused on enhancing your grilling experience. We have some necessary tools, but we also like to come up with new and innovative creations to make your grilling experience even more enjoyable. The Cuna is the first new innovative product that allows you to have storage space for extra accessories, makes moving your egg effortless, on board ash disposal and a large working area while remaining compact. We have some new products coming soon that are improvements on items you use on a regular basis. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions. We love hearing from you!

How Does It Work?


We have many new innovative products coming soon, so please come back and see us.

Blake Bassett

Managing Partner

Ian Hill

Managing Partner