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The BEST Geen Egg Nest in the World.  The Stylish & Sturdy CUNA

/'kuna/ Noun, Spanish-English Translation: 1. cradle

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The CUNA by Smoken Products

The Cuna 360

Made of heavy duty powder coated steel tubing with stainless steel table tops, this accessory will become as much of a conversation piece as your Big Green Egg (sold separately)! 

Why Cuna

Want a Better Solution?

Tired of not having storage space for your Place Setter, Pizza Stone and Cast Iron grate? 

Tired of not having enough shelf space for your prep and cutting?

Ever forget to clean your ash until your fire is already hot?

The all new “Cuna” from Smoken Products is your solution. 

The All New Cuna "cradle" is the Best Big Green Egg Nest on the Market

The Cuna was created by two avid Egg Heads that wanted a better solution for a steel constructed nest.  Having thrown away the original nest and ruining wood tables, the Cuna was created with large 18 inch stainless steel tables, built in ash tray and a steel grate to store all your other Egg accessories.  Assembly takes less than 5 minutes with 4 bolts and two pins.  

Get your Cuna Today!

The newest Green Egg accessory.  Large side tables (18"x18"), steel construction, storage for accessories

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How to install and tips video

This video is to help you with a step by step installation of The CUNA.

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